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White Haven Poconos Owners Association, Inc.
Rules and Regulations
(Revised 3/2014)
1. Residential Building Regulations
All homes constructed in White Haven Poconos must be for residential purposes only. Any residence constructed shall conform to the zoning and building regulations of Bear Creek Township, as well as the following requirements of the White Haven Poconos owners association:

A) All construction plans for residences, water supply systems, septic tank systems etc., must have the approval of state and local law. No excavation or construction shall begin until such approval is received by the property owner from the proper governmental authority and presented to the White Haven Poconos owner’s association board for review and approval.

B) The building shall have dimensions of at least 30 ft. by 25ft. and a minimum of twelve hundred (1,200) square feet not including porches or garages and shall be placed on a permanent foundation. No residence shall be erected or permitted to remain on the lot (s) other than one (1) detached single family dwelling, not to exceed two and one half stories in height, a private garage for not more than three cars.

C) No building shall be erected on any lot nearer than fifty feet (50) to the front lot line, or nearer than fifteen (15) feet to any side street line or interior lot line.

D) No structure, such as a trailer, camper, tent, shack, garage, barn or other wise, shall be placed on any lot at any time as a temporary or permanent residence. Tool sheds are exempt from this regulation as long as they are situated on a developed lot and not used as a residence.

2. Renting, Leasing or use of residence
Property owners in good standing are permitted to rent, lease or permit guest to use their residence. If an owner leases or rents his residence, the property owner will notify the association board in writing of his intention. Such renters or leases will not be permitted to use the recreational facilities of White Haven Poconos until a fee is paid by the renter or leaser for the use of association facilities during their stay at WHP. The fee is $50 per week, $100 per month, $200 per year or season.

3. Preservation of Ecology of Residence.
In constructing residences or clearing lots, all property owners are urged to save as much of the natural environment as possible. Don’t cut down trees and natural animal and bird cover unless it is a positive necessity. Insist that your builder preserve all trees and brush whenever he excavates or uses heavy equipment on your property.

4. Burning and Dumping Trash
No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash or garbage. Trash, garbage or other waste shall be kept in a sanitary container. Placing trash out for collection in plastic bags is not permitted. No person shall clear a lot of brush, trees or anything of a flammable nature and dispose of same by burning except with prior approval of local fire authorities and the WHP owners association, who together with the local fire authorities shall designate the time and manner in which such disposal shall be made.

5. Pets and Animals
No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, except that dogs, cats or other domestic household pets may be kept provided they are not allowed to run loose over other people’s property, or permitted to generate noise uncontrollably, thus disturbing the peace and tranquility of other property owners. Pets can not be kept or bred or maintained for commercial purpose or in unusual numbers.

6. Dues
All property owners are required to pay the current annual dues of the association. Failure to pay such dues can result in suspension and revocation of the rights to use all Association’s recreational and other facilities, in accordance with the by-laws of the association. Suspension proceeding against all delinquent members will be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting each year. No property owner can sell his property until all delinquent dues and fees have been paid in full.

7. Sunrise Lake Rules and Regulations
The following apply to the use of Lakeview Drive, the parking lot, the bathhouse, the pavillion, the beach and the Lake;

A) Use of the lake for swimming, boating and fishing is restricted to property owners and their guests. Guests appearing at the lake with property owner will not require further identification. Those guests appearing at the lake not in the company of the property owner will be required to present to security or the lifeguard written identification from the owner. All property owners are respectfully requested to cooperate with this procedure, and inform their guest of this requirement’s that we can screen out those outsiders who view the lake facilities as a public beach. As the facilities of the lake are small, property owners are requested to cooperate in limiting the number of guests and the member of times guest are taken. The property owner is responsible for their guest’s actions, and should make sure they are aware of and follow all rules and regulations of the WHP owners association.

B) The lifeguard is on duty from mid –June though labor Day. Monday though Friday the beach is open from 12 noon until 5p.m. and the bathhouse closes at 5:30p.m. Saturday and Sunday the beach is open from 12 noon until 5:30 p.m. and the bathhouse closes at 6p.m. The lake is officially closed at all other times. If a property owner or their guests choose to use the lake at times other than those posted, it is understood they do so at their own risk and no liability for injury or death shall be assumed by the WHP owners association. The lifeguard is in complete charge of discipline in and around the lake area and has the authority to dismiss any person from the lake, whether property owner or guests, if these persons will not follow prevailing rules and regulations which shall be located on the bathhouse bulletin board. Children, who are non-swimmers, must be accompanied to the lake by a responsible adult who will keep them in the shallow area.

C) Dogs or other pets are not permitted on the beach or in the swimming area.

D) Do not litter the lake, beach or beach area. Put all trash in trash cans provided for them.

E)The pavilion is for the use of WHP association members and their supervised guests. Members must be in attendance and are responsible for the actions of their guests. Reservations for the current year will not be taken until the end of Beach Cleanup on the 2nd Saturday in May. Rental fee of $25 must be paid at the time of reservation. Association dues must be paid in full for the current year prior to making a reservation. 
F) Bicycles, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, ATV’s or any other such vehicle are not permitted on the beach or in the beach area except with WHP board permission. 

G) Catch and release is encouraged for all residents and their guests fishing in the lake area. All posted fish limits established by the WHP owners association will be strictly enforced. Boating and fishing laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are in effect on Sunrise Lake.

H) No parking on the side street near bathhouse entrance, use the parking lot.

I) All property owners will assume liability for their boats; all boats must be labeled with the owner’s lot number.

8) Hunting and the use of firearms
The use of firearms, bow and arrows is strictly prohibited in WHP without written approval for the board.

9) Commercial Vehicles
Parking of any commercial vehicles whether it is temporary or permanent must meet board approval.

10) Speed limit and parking regulations
All property owners are expected to comply with the signs posted in WHP. These are township roads and violators are subject to arrest. Each residence must have off street parking. Township ordinance prohibits parking on the street during snow removal.

11) Regulation Enforcement
Chronic or persistent violators of the rules may, at the discretion of the board of Directors, be prevented from the use of association facilities until corrective action is taken.

Adopted 1976
Rev.1a 2007
Rev.1b 2007
Rev. 3/2014